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Anti Aging

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Anti Aging

We use a special anti-aging treatment that It works by releasing acetylcholine, which triggers muscle relaxation and reduces sweat secretion. Most commonly, it is used for its anti-aging properties.

How It Works

Our injections work by blocking muscles which contract to cause wrinkles. It is injected in small quantities so that it limits movement, but not so much that it paralyses the face.

By blocking these muscles from contracting, the wrinkles fade over a period of several days. However, this is not permanent, and as such to maintain the smooth effect, it needs to be administered every 3 to 6 months.

Cosmetic Uses

Injections are used to treat a variety of wrinkles including vertical frown lines, smile lines, horizontal lines, and crow’s feet.

If you would like to smoothen these wrinkles, this may be for you.

Potential Risks

As with many anti-aging therapies  injections carry their risks. These include:

  • Drooping eyelids, blurriness and/or double vision
  • Bruising, redness and swelling
  • Potential allergic reactions, although this is usually identified before this is administered
  • Headaches, face pain, muscle weakness, nausea and numbness.

After Care

As with many skin related treatments, after-care involves several things, including:

  • Avoiding cosmetics or moisturisers to the face for a period of time after injection
  • Avoiding active sunbathing or sun-involved activities.
  • Wearing sunscreen when going outside
  • Avoiding strenuous activity.

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Please Note:
Information provided on Dr Mistry’s website is provided as a basic guide, it does not constitute a diagnosis and should not be taken as medical advice. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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