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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections give many people the opportunity to appear younger. They are popular in a variety of age groups, from 25 upwards, as many people wish to preserve a youthful complexion.

The Procedure Explained

Anti-wrinkle injections come in several forms and can be used alongside other treatments such as fillers, which plump and fill in wrinkles, making them very popular.

How It Works

Facial injections for wrinkles are made of a protein which relaxes muscles. During the procedure, the injections are injected through a tiny needle into muscles surrounding wrinkles. This blocks the nerves which cause wrinkles through their contractions.

Just as there are different sorts of wrinkles, there are different sorts of anti-wrinkle injections available to be administered.

Doctor with black gloves injecting anti wrinkle serum into patients face

Potential Risks and Complications 

As with any procedure, there are risks and complications. However, the face is a delicate area, which is why it is highly advisable to see a qualified plastic surgeon rather than a beauty therapist. Otherwise, you are more likely to experience the following:

  • Bruising, infection and allergic reactions
  • If an operator accidentally injects filler into blood vessels, there could be potential skin loss
  • Nausea, bruising, face pain, muscle weakness and injection swelling
  • Double or blurred vision, swollen eyelids and dry eyes

After Care

Each patient will receive different instructions based off their individual procedure, but generally after-care includes:

  • Avoiding alcohol and exercise
  • Avoiding the application of cosmetics of any sort for several days, including moisturiser
  • Avoiding tanning and excessive sweating
  • After the first week, applying sunscreen when going outside to avoid further wrinkles caused by the sun
  • Avoiding facials or treatments of any sort for two weeks.

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Information provided on Dr Mistry’s website is provided as a basic guide, it does not constitute a diagnosis and should not be taken as medical advice. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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