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Skin Cancer Surgery

Dr Mistry offers non-operative and operative management of skin cancer. Non operative treatment include but not limited to photodynamic therapy at his rooms.

Dr Mistry performs reconstructive skin cancer surgery and offers a wide variety of skin reconstruction procedures for malignant and benign skin lesions. This includes complex problem areas such as the nose, ears, cheeks, lips, eyelids, lower limbs and hands.

The Benefits of Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer surgery can be life-changing. Once you’ve had a skin cancer surgically removed, Dr Mistry can repair the wound that may have been left behind. This can not only improve the appearance and function of the area, but it can also allow the wound to heal faster and more efficiently.

Skin Cancer Surgery: What Can I Expect?

At an initial consultation, Dr Mistry will talk to you about your individual needs. This will help us to achieve the best possible outcome. During this time, we can also answer all of your questions – it’s very important to us that you feel safe and happy throughout the process.

Reconstructive techniques range from a simple scar revision to a transfer of tissue flaps or a skin graft from elsewhere on the body to repair damaged tissue, rebuild body parts, and restore appearance and function.

Please Note: Dr Mistry provides no gap skin cancer surgery for all insured patients over 65. We advise you to talk to your GP first to ensure you have a referral to maximise Medicare rebates and health fund coverage (if applicable).

If you’re considering skin cancer reconstructive surgery and would like more information, contact Dr Mistry’s rooms today on 02 4002 4198.

Please Note:
Information provided on Dr Mistry’s website is provided as a basic guide, it does not constitute a diagnosis and should not be taken as medical advice. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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