The body undergoes many changes during and after pregnancy.

While the body does a remarkable job of recovering, many mothers are left with excess skin or changes they don’t feel comfortable with. A “mummy makeover” is a treatment designed to target multiple areas of the body affected by childbirth and breastfeeding, helping mothers feel renewed and refreshed.

So, what’s involved in a mummy makeover? Who’s a suitable candidate? Let’s take a look below:

What Does a Mummy Makeover Involve?

A “mummy makeover” is not a singular treatment, but actually refers to a combination of procedures. These procedures address areas of the body that mothers may be concerned about following childbirth and breastfeeding: 

– The breasts. This breast surgery could be a breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, or some combination of procedures.

– The abdomen. An abdominoplasty, also known as a “tummy tuck”, will help to reshape the abdomen and remove excess skin following pregnancy.

What is involved in each procedure that comprises a mummy makeover will depend on the individual and what changes have occurred in your body after pregnancy. 

Dr Mistry will go over your circumstances with you during your consultation to ensure he understands both your situation and expectations. He will work with you to devise a treatment plan that provides you the best outcomes while minimising risks.

Is Mummy Makeover Right For Me?

Women considering mummy makeover surgery have to carefully consider their individual needs and health factors, as well as the time needed for recovery. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Are you experiencing sagging or stretched skin, or a change in breast size? If so, a mummy makeover may be an effective solution.
  •  Are you in good general health and has your weight been stable for the past three months? If yes, you may be a suitable candidate.
  • Have twelve months passed since giving birth or at least six months after breastfeeding? This is to allow the body to heal before making any aesthetic adjustments, as well as to help preserve results following surgery.
  • Are you finished having children? If not, you may want to consider undergoing the procedure once you are finished.
  • Are you in a position to take time away from work or usual daily activities to recover? This is important as recovery can involve swelling, tenderness and discomfort and can make it difficult to perform certain daily tasks.
  • Have you arranged for someone to help you at home with your usual daily tasks during recovery? This may be necessary as some tasks may become more difficult to perform
  • Have you consulted a doctor about your suitability for the procedure? 
  • Your suitability for a mummy makeover surgery can also depend on your health and lifestyle factors. A doctor will discuss these personal factors with you, and determine if you are suitable for the procedure

By considering these questions and making the necessary arrangements, women can ensure that they are prepared for a mummy makeover surgery and its recovery process. It is also important to remember that any surgical procedure carries risks, so it is essential to consult an experienced surgeon.

Talk to an Experienced Mummy Makeover Surgeon

Dr Mistry has many years’ experience providing mummy makeovers including abdominoplasty for mothers in Newcastle. If you’re considering mummy makeover surgery, contact Dr Mistry and his team for a comprehensive consultation.

Dr Mistry makes it his mission to listen intently to all of his patients so that he understands exactly what their circumstances and expectations are. Only then will he begin to provide his advice and work with you to create the ideal treatment plan to achieve your goals.